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The Museum of African American History Needs Your Vote! [14 Apr 2009|10:55pm]

The Museum of African American History is one of 25 historic sites in Greater Boston selected to compete for a grant. One million dollars is available for historic preservation and the site with the most votes is guaranteed to receive a grant.

When you vote for the Museum, you help to save a vital part of African American history: the Abiel Smith School. Vote to repair the leaks and foundation of the school, the first building in the nation built solely to house a black public school.

Vote once a day everyday!

Make sure to register to vote for the Museum of African American History today.

Want to help? Help us by forwarding this message to your friends, family, and colleagues!
Thank you for your time and please visit us at MAAH.org for more information.
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an amazing book i need to recommend - Ace of Spades by David Matthews [12 Apr 2009|06:20pm]

this is my first posting. hello! my name is sarah, and i'm half black half jewish. my mother is jewish.

A friend of mine recommended a book called 'Ace of Spades' by David Matthews (you can find it here: http://tr.im/iGsu), and I love it so much. I'm half way through it and I can't believe how great this book is. It's so funny and personable. There are moments where I have to put the book down and just burst out laughing. But wow, is it well written! David Matthews is poetic with his words. Truly astounding.

Here's a brief description from The New Yorker:
The son of a Zionist white mother and a Malcolm X-admiring black father, Matthews, in this memoir, is a boy without a race in a city, Baltimore, that requires him to choose one. The story of racial pinball is not entirely unfamiliar: the black kids reject him as too light-skinned, the whites as too broad-nosed. But Matthews displays improvisational verve—blacks are "burnished" and "browned butter," and whites are anything from "alabaster" to "a puffy marshmallow in Baltimore’s steaming cup of cocoa"—and narrates with the vigor of a movie script. Indeed, it is on television that, as a child, he finds the clarity he yearns for. "I was a living contradiction of elements that shouldn’t have been," he writes at one point, whereas on TV "everything was black, or white, and a lot like life."

Really, i can't recommend this book more! I love it! Have you read it?

here's the author, david matthews:
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1. Why they insist on shopping at Rocawear and Sean John and insist Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister are too expensive when they cost virtually the same thing (give or take a few dollars)...?? Is it because they cannot fit into size zero jeans??

2. Why they always shop at the cheapest grocery stores and run people over to Sales, instead of shopping at the moderately-to-higher priced stores? And when they do walk in there, why do they only buy a load of bread??

2b. Why do they insist on eating the 'foods of their ancestors' and insisting its delicious, is it to fit in?! Does every black person have to eat curry chicken, fried dumplings or whatever...because it makes them ALL FAT. Have you SEEN those hips?

3. Why do they insist on getting pregnant before obtaining a high school degree?

4. Why do they have to wear baggy jeans and hats? Wouldn't they look a LITTLE less scary in khakis and a polo? Geez....Look up to Tiger Woods, 'bruthas'.

5. Why they INSIST on speaking slang jibberish, although they are very well aware of proper English grammar and sentence structure.

6. Why there is like NO black teachers. There are a lot of black nurses though, and they rarely smile.

7. Why they don't believe in plastic surgery!? (I love plastic surgery btw.) I mean, c'mon, a nose job or a face lift can fix that grumpy smile or 1800-slave day face. No offense. Just saying.

8. WHy do the women all wear their pants so high up with a tiny belt when they are like hippos?

9. Why do they think they will be Obama once they reach university? Honey, if you still hang around large crowds of Black people and go to clubs that exclusively play reggae and rap, you are still lost.

10. Why they have such horrid staring problems, especially against homosexuals of color (such as myself?) And why they mutter in their jibberish slang to those homosexuals? ......Anybody up for a Holla-Caust?

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Racist Disney Fan Site Exposed [11 Sep 2007|08:38pm]

Popular Disney fan site MiceChat.com likes to think of itself as tolerant, particularly in light of the fact that it's run by two gay white men, but it has a secret history of hypocrisy and racism at its core, and a tremendous intolerance of Black and other non-white perspectives, especially when those perspectives come into conflict with white privilege and the "colorblind" viewpoint. Suspecting that someone is a white supremacist is considered "hate speech," and espousing a pro-Black viewpoint is considered "racist" because it doesn't emphasize white people. Suspensions and bannings are common for doing nothing more than attempting to stimulate discussion about existing race-related issues, such as the Jena 6 case.

Granted, some wonder why such issues would be brought up on a Disney website, but considering that a variety of other issues are also discussed on the board, including issues relating to Disney films that do include racism, exoticism, the colonialist mindset, etc., it's not an issue that is particularly out of line on such a site.

Having had extensive experience dealing with this site and other similar Disney fansites, I encourage everyone here to join MiceChat and see for yourself the way that Black and non-white and leftist perspectives are smacked down and eliminated.
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90-year-old blind black woman talks about her life [02 Aug 2007|12:38pm]


My grandma, Eva Rutland www.evarutland.com, has just republished her memoir "When We Were Colored, a Mother's Story." Originally published in 1964, it is a snapshot of what life was like for black people living before the Civil Rights Movement. It tells the story of a woman who was raised in Atlanta, GA before the Second World War. The beloved only girl of a school teacher and a pharmacist, Ms. Rutland was sheltered from many of the harsh racial realities of life in the South. She graduated from Spelman College, a black women's college in Atlanta, GA, in 1937. After World War II, she and her family moved West, where she raised her children during the early days of integration. She originally wrote the book because she worried about the newly integrated world that her children were entering. She wrote this book with white mothers in mind. She wanted them to realize that her children were just as precious and just as fragile as their children and to be nice to them.

Almost 50 years later, this book still has resonance today. It is not the story of lynchings and sit-ins. It's the story of being the first black man in a prominent position in a previously all white workplace, the first black family in a previously all-white neighborhood or the first black child in an all-white classro0m. It is a story that any mother or person whose had a mother can relate to and I strongly encourage you all to read it. 

Eva Rutland is now 90-years-old, blind but continues to write. She has published over 20 novels and is currently working on a sequel tentatively entitled "Tales of a Negro Grandma."

Please read the book (you can request it from your local library or order it online) and comment on it. Grandma loves to hear from her fans.

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Recent struggles? [22 May 2007|07:05pm]

Post about them. Come on, brothers and sisters, we need to stay strong. Strength through unity.
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GREETINGS POSSUMS... [10 Jan 2007|03:16pm]

I am somewhat mystified by all this, would some kind soul take the time to explain?
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[16 Dec 2005|10:47am]


Join </font></b></a>we_caribbean

this is a community for the beautiful caribbean people, the socaholics,
the dancehall junkies, the calypso lovers, all aspects of the countries,
the cultures, the food...the caribbean

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In my Heart [27 Nov 2005|01:57am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hi, Folks.

I've always felt black in my heart, since I read the literature as a little girl. I feel as an intruder was, when I know what the sisters have written better than the brothers of this community might. I am not proud in any other way than one ought to be proud of what she is, but I will never be other than what I am, so I might as well feel proud when it would lift me up.

But I am humbled, HUMBLED, at being white as any ghost or whiter, and still allowed, by virtue of all my differences, and through my shame, to suffer with you, my people.

*weeps for joy*

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[16 Nov 2005|02:07pm]
[ mood | Enraged! ]

Wow. This community sure has lost all its action! What with the Kevon (our mod!), the entrepeneur he is, busy screeprinting his Kill Whitey t-shirts ($22.50 - order yours today at killwhiteydesigns.org - American Apparel brand only!!! Made in the USA), it's no wonder there haven't been many posts.

Cut for colourful language & general asshattery.Collapse )

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[01 Nov 2005|11:57pm]

Get the new LJ CrayonPeople.com RSS feed! Get your daily dose of newslinks for People of Color in your friends section.


or just go to http://www.CrayonPeople.com for your news and debate!

(non-People of Color are also welcome and encouraged to discuss and debate!)
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I want your opinion [14 Oct 2005|10:18pm]


My name is Alicia and I'm doing a survey on racial slang and education for my Sociology class at Penn State. I need your help.

I've opened up the survey to many Penn State students, but most of the respondants are white. While I appreciate their help with the survey, I feel that the opinion of black men and women (as well as other minorities) on this topic is being severely under-represented. I've been putting up messages in all types of lj communities trying to gain a more diverse response.

The survey is far from perfect, but with the answers I'm collecting (along with research) I should be able to write a well-put-together paper on the topic.

Please make your opinions heard by spending 2-5 minutes at: www.survelum.com/Alicia

I apoligize in advance for any errors or any questions that you may feel don't pertain to you. Feel free to respond to this post with any mistakes you find.

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Sometimes I wonder [30 Sep 2005|10:10am]

why we play our music so goddamn loud
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My thoughts [07 Sep 2005|11:46pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Alright...I was looking around on this community and found it...needless to say, interesting. I do not wish to attack anyone because I feel we all go our own path and have our own feelings and thoughts that need to be expressed.

I read a few things put up that was talking about how a post was racist when...it really wasn't since the person wasn't attacking a race or yelling out obsencities and yes I have actually seen racism in my life, but not by African-Americans. (I will try to be politically correct for I do not wish to tred on thin ice.)

I also read a post by an African-American saying that no white man or woman will ever know what it is like to be black and you know what..I would agree full heartedly with them. As they will never know how it is to be a white man or woman and no not all white people are rich.

In my opinion a person's color should have NO baring on who they are. I am a mutt of sorts. Being Italian, Sicilian (Sicilians and Italians are NOT the same), German and Portugese. My mom used to be ridiculed and harrassed for being Italian and my dad and his mom used to be attacked for being German (the whole Nazi thing.) Even today I hear a few comments against Germans, towards the ones I love and care about the most. My friend who is also a mix of German and Italian used to get in a lot of fights because he was German and no one would want to talk to him because of this, my bf has also come across some ignorant racists and I have been attacked by my own mother for not being full Italian.

My point is that everyone will go through a time of harrassment and racism, but the trick is to forget the ignorance and take pride in what you really are and hold onto that.

I am very proud to be the mix that I am for if I wasn't I would be a very different person. Now remember I am not attacking anyone because everyone has their views and I just hope everyone just sits back and really thinks about who they are.


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Question. [05 Sep 2005|03:29am]

[ mood | I don't know. ]

What exactly is "black by choice"?

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[02 Sep 2005|06:52pm]

Newslinks about Katrina and how it relates to People of Color and the impoverished.

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[25 Aug 2005|12:42pm]

Don't tell anyone you heard it from me, but I believe the poster below me is a Homo Thug.
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Star Series 1 [25 Aug 2005|10:50am]

Carmine Gotti Agnello
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CrayonPeople.com [17 Aug 2005|03:13am]


We created Crayon People to act as a place for People of Color to get easy access to news ranging from political articles to current pop culture. Check out the new articles from your own relevant group (Arab, Asian, Black, Latino Desi), but feel free to discuss articles in the People of Color area as well as other groups. Posting comments and discussing the articles is the point to this whole website.

We want people from diverse backgrounds to converse and debate in a constructive environment. So please help us spread the word. We are a non-profit site, so basically that means we have a $0 promotion budget, unlike these other corporation giants. But please let us know what you think. Sign on post some comments and help make this good thing happen:).
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Today this dude tried to outBlack me [15 Aug 2005|03:38pm]

I jacked his headphones and he was like, "Give me my headphones back!!!" and I was like, "No!!!" and he actually said, "This is some White people bullshit!!!" I think he lurks. I'm blacker!!!
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