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My thoughts

Alright...I was looking around on this community and found it...needless to say, interesting. I do not wish to attack anyone because I feel we all go our own path and have our own feelings and thoughts that need to be expressed.

I read a few things put up that was talking about how a post was racist when...it really wasn't since the person wasn't attacking a race or yelling out obsencities and yes I have actually seen racism in my life, but not by African-Americans. (I will try to be politically correct for I do not wish to tred on thin ice.)

I also read a post by an African-American saying that no white man or woman will ever know what it is like to be black and you know what..I would agree full heartedly with them. As they will never know how it is to be a white man or woman and no not all white people are rich.

In my opinion a person's color should have NO baring on who they are. I am a mutt of sorts. Being Italian, Sicilian (Sicilians and Italians are NOT the same), German and Portugese. My mom used to be ridiculed and harrassed for being Italian and my dad and his mom used to be attacked for being German (the whole Nazi thing.) Even today I hear a few comments against Germans, towards the ones I love and care about the most. My friend who is also a mix of German and Italian used to get in a lot of fights because he was German and no one would want to talk to him because of this, my bf has also come across some ignorant racists and I have been attacked by my own mother for not being full Italian.

My point is that everyone will go through a time of harrassment and racism, but the trick is to forget the ignorance and take pride in what you really are and hold onto that.

I am very proud to be the mix that I am for if I wasn't I would be a very different person. Now remember I am not attacking anyone because everyone has their views and I just hope everyone just sits back and really thinks about who they are.

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