Hoist the Colors (schoolofsoul) wrote in blackbychoice,
Hoist the Colors

Racist Disney Fan Site Exposed

Popular Disney fan site MiceChat.com likes to think of itself as tolerant, particularly in light of the fact that it's run by two gay white men, but it has a secret history of hypocrisy and racism at its core, and a tremendous intolerance of Black and other non-white perspectives, especially when those perspectives come into conflict with white privilege and the "colorblind" viewpoint. Suspecting that someone is a white supremacist is considered "hate speech," and espousing a pro-Black viewpoint is considered "racist" because it doesn't emphasize white people. Suspensions and bannings are common for doing nothing more than attempting to stimulate discussion about existing race-related issues, such as the Jena 6 case.

Granted, some wonder why such issues would be brought up on a Disney website, but considering that a variety of other issues are also discussed on the board, including issues relating to Disney films that do include racism, exoticism, the colonialist mindset, etc., it's not an issue that is particularly out of line on such a site.

Having had extensive experience dealing with this site and other similar Disney fansites, I encourage everyone here to join MiceChat and see for yourself the way that Black and non-white and leftist perspectives are smacked down and eliminated.
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